Ralph Northam

Bill Bennett: Gov. Ralph Northam will resign soon – Democrats abandoning him

Revelations Friday that Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam appeared in what he acknowledged was a “clearly racist and offensive photo” in his medical school yearbook in 1984 have been greeted with a lot of commentary – including some even by smart conservatives – that is very naïve and unsophisticated.

A lot of people thought the Democrats would hesitate to demand the resignation of the Democratic governor..

Several conservative commentators wondered aloud how Democrats could cling to Northam and defend him, given their earlier position on Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh at his Senate confirmation hearing in September. But the Democrats won’t defend Northam.

WaPo: Tip on Northam came from person angered by his abortion comments.

The government is intensifying its scrutiny of the pharmaceutical industry and rising prescription drug prices, a top voter concern and a priority of President Donald Trump’s administration.

Both the Democratic-led U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate, controlled by Republicans, have begun holding hearings this year on the rising costs of medicines. Sanders is an independent who usually votes with Democrats.

In the letter dated Feb. 4, Sanders asked Catalyst to lay out the financial and non-financial factors that led the company to set the list price at $375,000, and say how many patients would suffer or die as a result of the price and how much it was paying to purchase or produce the drug.

Catalyst declined to comment on Sanders’ letter.
Catalyst shares fell nearly 8 percent to $2.31

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